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We know that planning a trip to the Hocking Hills can be an involved process, and we have answered many questions over the years. Here are answers to some common ones, to help prepare for your stay.


What TV/DVD entertainment options do you provide?

The Summit Lodge has 3 flat-panel TVs, all of which have Blu-Ray players, and 3 of which have HD satellite. The Big Pine Lodge has 2 flat-panel TVs with satellite, DVD, and one has a game system. The Frontier Cabin has two flat-screen TVs with satellite and DVD players. We subscribe to one of the higher DirecTV satellite packages, so you won't be without your favorite channel. Yes, Buckeyes fans, we have Big Ten Network!

How about phone and internet?

We like to stay connected, and know that you will, too. We provide a land-line phone with unlimited free long distance to the US. We also have free WiFi DSL, which is fast enough for most needs, including streaming video.

Do we need to bring linens/towels/paper products/soap?

We provide all bed linens, towels, toilet paper and paper towels, dish and hand soap.

Do you have [this item] in the kitchen?

Our kitchens should have everything you need for your stay. We provide all dishes, silverware, pots and pans, and utensils. Each unit also has a drip coffee maker, toaster, hand mixer, blender, crock pot, and electric griddle. All that said, if you are preparing a meal where a certain item is absolutely necessary, we recommend you bring it with you.

How is the water?

It's great! The Summit Lodge, Big Pine Lodge, and Frontier Cabin have water provided from an on-site well. We were very lucky with the wells at the Big Pine Lodge and Frontier Cabin, as it is very clean right out of the ground. We weren't so lucky at the Summit Lodge, so shortly after we finished construction, we installed a $3,500 water treatment system. Both units have clear, clean water that tastes great, with none of the sulfur smell and taste you may encounter at other locations in the area.

Is there a washer and dryer?

The Summit Lodge and Big Pine Lodge have full-size washers and dryers available for guest use. The Frontier Cabin does not have a washer or dryer available.


Where are you located?

For security and to protect the privacy of our guests, we do not disclose our exact location until you have placed a reservation. We are located near the intersection of Ohio 664-S and Blackjack Road. Click here for a Google Map of this intersection.

How secluded are the Summit Lodge, Big Pine Lodge, and Frontier Cabin?

The Summit Lodge and Frontier Cabin are located on an infrequently-travelled, quiet township road. The two properties sit on opposite sides of a five-acre parcel, with a densely-wooded hillside in between. The trees provide ample privacy during the months when leaves are on the trees. Though each is somewhat visible from the other during the winter months, they are far enough apart to maintain a reasonable level of privacy. There are no other rental properties in the vicinity. The Big Pine Lodge is located on a hill in the trees above a winding country road, away from other properties.

What grocery shopping and restaurants are nearby?

There is a small general store less than 5 minutes away, which has a small selection of groceries, and some basic necessities. If you drive to the North about 15 minutes on SR 664 to US-33, there are full-service grocery and department stores, a variety of restaurants, and other attractions. You can explore this area using this Google Map.

What is there to do in the area?

Too much for us to list here! Hiking, canoeing, horseback and ATV riding, ziplining, and shopping are some of the more popular options. We suggest you visit the Hocking Hills Tourism Association's activity page to explore your options.

Is 4-wheel-drive required?

The roads leading to our location, and the driveway, do not require special consideration unless there is significant snow or ice. The driveways at the Summit Lodge and Frontier Cabin are paved, and we have the best snow removal crew in the area, so you will be able to access it just fine in any vehicle, except in very severe snow or ice. In the worst case, you can simply walk up the driveway, as it's not that far. The Big Pine Lodge has a longer gravel driveway, and 4-wheel-drive is not required in good weather, but is a necessity in heavy rains or the winter. During severe winter weather, we do recommend 4-wheel-drive to access any property, as we don't have any control over the roads leading to our location.


How is cell phone reception?

Unfortunately, because of our remote rustic location, cell phone reception leaves much to be desired. Sprint phones will have the best coverage, and may be able to make calls. Verizon phones may have enough signal that texting might work, but calls probably will not. AT&T phones will likely have no signal. We do have a land line in the Summit Lodge, Big Pine Lodge, and Frontier Cabin, and you can give that number to your friends and family in case they need to contact you during your stay. In addition, since we have WiFi, messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, iMessage, and WhatsApp should work while inside the Summit Lodge, Big Pine Lodge, and Frontier Cabin.

Do you provide firewood?

We are happy to offer you the convenience of seasoned firewood, delivered to the property prior to check in, for $7 per bundle. You may purchase firewood when you make your reservation.

Is the grill charcoal or propane?

The Summit Lodge, Big Pine Lodge, and Frontier Cabin all have propane grills.